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Industry Update: Construction Jobs and Areas of Growth

To remain at the top of your industry and compete for the best jobs, it is essential to stay informed of economic trends that could affect your work, as well as keep up to date with education and skills. If your industry happens to be construction, or your field closely...

Online & Offline Distractions at Work

In the next few minutes it takes to read this blog, you will probably check your phone, respond to a text, or glance at Facebook (maybe even all of the above). Distractions are everywhere these days, including the workplace. Not to mention off-screen you might get carried away with an...

Having a Plan When Disaster Hits

No matter where you call “home” it is subject to some kind of natural disaster. Floods, hurricanes, fires, blizzards, earthquakes and more -employers must be prepared. According to HR Hero, “Crisis management and business continuity plans must be expanded from isolated company-specific disasters to plans for massive regional damage such...

Getting the Job: Interview Tips

Before the interview, do some research on the business. This will allow you to understand what the company is all about. It’s also important to practice interviewing with family and friends. Your job interview starts the second you walk in the door, so be ready. Be punctual, dress professionally, be...

Looking For a Summer Job?

Want to get money fast? Enjoy flexible work hours? LaborWorks is the place for you! As a staffing agency we treat you how you want to be treated. You can work one day, for a week, or all summer. In the morning we offer you TV and a clean comfortable...

Health Coverage for Employees

A Summary from The Affordable Care Act requires employers with at least 50 full-time employees to provide health insurance coverage to its full-time employees. In 2015 the Employer Shared Responsibility Payment applies to some businesses with more than 50 or 100 full-time employees who don't offer insurance, or whose...