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Matching the best workers with you.

We are always available.

We work for you. Just give us a call and we’ll send you qualified workers with the skills and equipment to get the job done right. LaborWorks has a talent pool of credentialed workers who are available for hire today for many different industries including landscaping, construction, warehousing, moving and storage, recycling, event services, and more.

Making your best match permanent.

Finding the right people for your business is key. When you work with LaborWorks, you are able to give your temporary employees a “working interview” to ensure we’ve made a good match. If you’re ready to make the arrangement permanent—and the hourly worker has reached 320 hours on the job—you can hire them at no additional charge.


Call us toll free: 888-637-9675.

Bright and early.

LaborWorks branches open at 5:30 am, with workers prepared to go to job sites right away. We’re ready to work when you are.

Who, what, when, and where.

Our process is simple. Just tell us the skills you’re looking for, when you need workers, and the location of the jobsite. We’ll send you individuals who match your qualifications. We are always available to take your call and find the right workers for your part-time, seasonal, full-time, or permanent assignment.

Work done quickly.

Need someone right away? No problem. Workers can usually arrive at your job site within one hour. To complete the process at the end of the worker’s shift, simply write down their hours on the work order form and sign it, keep a copy for yourself, and send the rest back to LaborWorks with the worker. Quick, easy, done.


We take care of the payment — and everything else too.

We keep the process stress-free by paying workers the same day via a Global Cash Card or weekly via direct deposit. We also cover all employer burdens, such as Workers’ Compensation (L&I), Social Security, Medicare, state and federal payroll taxes, and unemployment insurance. This saves your company valuable time and resources.

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Screening Process

For the best workers.

The Right Match

Recruiting the best possible employee match for the job descriptions is our primary objective for part-time, seasonal, full-time or permanent worker requirements. We will screen your candidates to comply with standards.


The E-Verify system confirms the eligibility of employees to work in the United States.

Background Checks

We can customize the criteria of your background check to fit your specific needs. Background criteria may include criminal, driving, credit, education, employment, and more.

We serve numerous industries with dependable workers

Flexible, experienced, ready.

Our workers aim to increase productivity at your company.

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