Safety and Return To Work

We are serious about safety

Safety comes first.

LaborWorks is serious about safety. We devote considerable resources to prevent and reduce accidents and injuries to our workforce.

Branch managers conduct a Job Site Safety Evaluation for each new customer to ensure safety regulations are being followed on site. We also provide full Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Unwavering Protocols

We follow specific accident prevention and reduction protocols that require:

  • Completion of OSHA compliance training courses by Branch Managers and Staffing for general and construction industry.
  • Monthly safety committee meetings to develop and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. Members of the committee investigate all worker accidents and injuries with the goal of identifying and correcting hazardous working situations and establish best practices within the workplace.
  • Ongoing communication with temporary workforce to include Weekly Safety Meetings handout and quizzes.
  • Red Flag Reporting - an independent hotline provider focused solely on promoting safe and ethical behavior in the workplace

Special Requirements

LaborWorks is here to meet your specific safety needs. Should your company require special safety precautions like industry-specific safety equipment, vaccinations, or additional training, please just let us know.”

Hard hats hung on wall
Food handling and prepping
LaborWorks vest

Return to Work

Premier programs and processes that support workers.

Return-to-Work Program

LaborWorks is dedicated to helping injured workers get back on their feet. We ensure the employees are provided with immediate, quality medical care and the opportunity to continue working without experiencing injury-related hardships.

Modified Work Assignments

By partnering with LaborWorks, you may be given the opportunity to perform modified work if it’s available at your worksite. If such work is not available with your employer, modified work may be performed at a LaborWorks branch location instead.

This program was designed with the injured worker’s wellbeing in mind, with a focus on keeping them connected, lowering their stress, and progressing through their medical recovery period. This program allows injured workers to:

  • Receive regular pay to meet financial obligations
  • Perform productive work and contribute to LaborWorks
  • Learn new skills and gain experience
  • Foster a positive self-image that comes from work