Getting the Job: Interview Tips


Before the interview, do some research on the business. This will allow you to understand what the company is all about. It’s also important to practice interviewing with family and friends. Your job interview starts the second you walk in the door, so be ready. Be punctual, dress professionally, be aware of your body language, and don’t forget the strong, confident handshake.

During the interview make frequent eye contact, smile, and try to relax. Listen carefully to the questions asked. If you are confused, ask the interviewer to restate a question. You should also bring up previous work experience and talk about what you learned from it. Use examples of how your skills and abilities fit the job. It’s okay to ask a few questions about the job, work culture, or business.

Leave the interview with the intention to follow up afterwards. It will help them remember who you are and make sure your resume isn’t forgotten. Send a thank you note after your interview, and a short email later on to check in if you haven’t heard back.

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