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Giving Thanks for Our Most Valuable Asset

During this season of reflection and gratitude, we once again send out a heartfelt thank you to our most valuable asset: our workers. These individuals show up each and every day, oftentimes before the sun comes up, ready to work and make a difference at their respective jobsites. Our workers...

Temporary Staffing Doesn’t Have to Be Spooky!

Jack o’ lanterns are on porches, black cats abound, and monsters are on the loose. Yes, Halloween is here, and so are all things spooky. But don’t let the ghostly mood overshadow the benefits of temporary staffing. This month, we’re going take the mask off the myths of temporary staffing....

Staffing Industry Statistics—You May Be Surprised!

We love stats—they provide a great snapshot of the makeup of workforce, employment rates, and what employers and workers are looking for as they hire or get hired. We often share the benefits and popularity of temporary staffing for both employers and workers, but it’s not just anecdotal—it’s proven! We’ve...

Unemployment Is Low—Here’s Why It Matters for Workers

You may have heard that unemployment is near its lowest point in years. This is great news for individuals looking for new jobs or to make a career move. At LaborWorks, we couldn’t be more thrilled for our workers. We’ve compiled a few ways that the low unemployment rate positively...

When Temporary Staffing Makes More Sense Than Permanent Hiring

When you think of hiring, temporary staffing may not come to mind. But as an employer attempting to maximize your bottom line, minimize risk, and meet demand, maybe it should. There are many situations where temporary staffing makes more sense than permanent hiring. Take a look and see if any...

How our Return-To-Work program makes a difference

As an employer, you know that accidents—no matter how much we try to prevent them—can happen. Even the best safety programs, procedures, and PPE can’t ward off all accidents. Unfortunately, accidents tend to have a ripple effect across jobsites. Not only do you have a worker dealing with the stress...