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When Temporary Staffing Makes More Sense Than Permanent Hiring

When you think of hiring, temporary staffing may not come to mind. But as an employer attempting to maximize your bottom line, minimize risk, and meet demand, maybe it should. There are many situations where temporary staffing makes more sense than permanent hiring. Take a look and see if any...

How our Return-To-Work program makes a difference

As an employer, you know that accidents—no matter how much we try to prevent them—can happen. Even the best safety programs, procedures, and PPE can’t ward off all accidents. Unfortunately, accidents tend to have a ripple effect across jobsites. Not only do you have a worker dealing with the stress...

Establishing emergency and safety preparedness in the workplace

You don’t need to watch the news 24-7 to know that emergency situations happen every day. Floods, earthquakes, tornados, unsafe work conditions, active shooters—the what-ifs can feel overwhelming for employers seeking to keep their employees safe and their risks down. With a little forethought and ongoing training, emergency and safety...

Have you downloaded the LaborWorks app yet?

If not, what are you waiting for? As you know, a smart phone can make virtually anything easier—communication, entertainment, social media—and now, getting a job! It’s as easy as hitting up the App Store or Google Play and downloading the intuitive LaborWorks app.   Trust us, this is one app...

How to maintain a positive attitude at work

Whether you’re set in your career, exploring new jobs, or unsure of what your occupational journey will look like, positivity in the workplace is crucial to success. As a leading temporary staffing agency, we at LaborWorks have seen the benefits of a positive work attitude. We’ve also compiled a few...

Tips to Prepare for a New Job or Career

Is 2019 the year you pursue a new job or career? Ready to try something new? Flex some new skills? Way to go! We firmly believe that success is all about preparation and dedication. With a little time and forethought, that new job or career can be yours. Here are...