Let LaborWorks WORK for You

Let LaborWorks work for YOU

Searching for work can be a job in itself.  Searching for qualified and serious employees can be a job in itself.  Both of these tasks are necessary, but so darn time consuming!  This is where LaborWorks can work for you!  Regardless of whether you are the job seeker or the employee seeker, the skilled staff behind the mission of LaborWorks can handle this task so you can do what you do best.  Let us explain! 

As many employers increasingly turn to part-time, freelance and temporary workers to fill their workforce gaps, staffing agencies like LaborWorks have become a valuable resource for finding talent quickly and efficiently. Peace of mind, professional service, and up-to-date knowledge of the hiring industry are just a few of the many benefits that LaborWorks can offer your business or you as a job seeker.

The job market has changed considerably over the past several years and the pace of hiring has shifted drastically.  The hiring process seems to be longer and more difficult than in previous decades. Working with LaborWorks makes it quicker and easier, and you can be assured that your hiring practices will be compliant.

As a company navigating the current post-COVID landscape, you are likely tasked with more responsibilities than ever before.  One of the upsides of employing the services of a staffing agency as opposed to assigning hiring responsibilities to a member of your team is that it frees that individual to concentrate on critical role-specific tasks. LaborWorks can focus on the hiring and placement process with your company’s best interest in mind.  If current employees had to dedicate some of their work time to vetting and interviewing numerous candidates, it would very likely disturb their day-to-day routine and reduce productivity significantly, and no one has room for that in their current business structure. LaborWorks solves that problem for you.

As a job seeker, you might notice that jobs you’re applying for may have already been filled by the time you get your resume updated, or worse, you never even hear back and you’re left to wonder whether you didn’t spark interest, or if your materials were even received.  LaborWorks can navigate this process alongside you, ensuring that you make it to the place you’re headed: a worksite.  

When you partner with LaborWorks you will be matched with part-time, seasonal, and potentially permanent full-time jobs or workers depending on your individual needs.  Contact LaborWorks today to find out about how you can get what you need in 2023.  Even better, did you know that LaborWorks has an app? Download the LaborWorks app today to streamline your job search by telling us when you want to work, viewing up-to-date jobs at your local LaborWorks branch, texting with a local recruiter, and accepting the perfect job opportunity right on the spot. LaborWorks is your partner in employment that truly does work for YOU.  Call us today!