LaborWorks is the Partner You Need!

LaborWorks Is The Partner Your Need

While we may not be ready, the year is coming to a close. This is an optimal time to beef up your company workforce with temporary help. Many businesses that LaborWorks partners with need ready-to-go employees and they know we can deliver. If you are a business, small or large, that needs people that can work now you’re reading the right blog!

Temporary employees fulfill short-term business needs. A temporary worker is your employee or an employee of a staffing agency such as LaborWorks, which should not be confused or used interchangeably with an independent contractor, which is a business entity, such as a sole proprietor or limited liability company. Temporary and contract workers can add value to your organization, but misclassification can land you, the business owner, in legal trouble. Understanding the distinctions and knowing when to hire one or the other can help your company avoid legal issues or an unexpected tax burden. When you work with LaborWorks you get to outsource the administration of personnel searches, which allows you to do what you do best, and we can handle the rest.

Temporary workers are employees of your company or a staffing agency, like LaborWorks. They’re at-will workers or under a contract or agreement of some form and typically paid hourly wages. Temporary employees can be part-time, full-time or seasonal. Typically, temporary staff members work under 1,000 hours or one year for your company. The business or LaborWorks then verifies timesheets, pays the employee, files payroll taxes and sends a W-2 form. The administrative burden is often a deterrent in the hiring process, because it can take a long time to find the right fit! Allowing LaborWorks to help build your workforce ensures you will be doing things right.

There are benefits that come with hiring temporary employees. When you need a short-term project done quickly, hiring a temporary employee for a limited time with a defined endpoint accelerates your timeframe to hire without the intensive and costly process of hiring a full or part-time employee. This is most commonly seen in seasonal retail or service hires around holiday commerce. Temporary roles are also found in areas such as the tech industry when an organization needs additional support or specialist skills for a project or time period.

If your business is anticipating growth, a temporary job position can also serve as a great trial run. Working with LaborWorks saves you time in the hiring process, as we can help connect you with a good fit that has already been screened. Once connected with the employer, a temporary employment opportunity provides time to see how well the employee aligns with your company culture, performs their assigned tasks, and meets or exceeds company goals.

A temporary employee can also help you and your company “fill the gaps” in a few ways. Perhaps there is a skillset you need that is lacking in your current staff, but not enough to create a full-time position for it—such as a graphic designer or an office assistant. This is where a temporary employee can help fill that need. In addition, seasonal needs such as an uptick in business during the holiday season, are a great opportunity to bring in a temporary employee to help with the increased workload. Lastly, if an employee is on a temporary leave, a temporary employee can fill that gap until the full-time employee returns from leave.
LaborWorks is proud to feature jobs for searchers and employees for workplaces in nearly every industry. When you work with LaborWorks you will be matched with care and personalized attention. LaborWorks is your partner in finding work and quality workers. Connect with us today!