Searching for Employees? No Sweat!

Searching for Employees? No Sweat!

There’s not a single industry out there that isn’t currently looking for qualified workers.  The pressure that employers feel when they need people NOW is heavy.  This pressure is only intensified as businesses still have to run whether they’re staffed to capacity or not.  Why double the load of current employees when you could use the skills of LaborWorks to help staff your company?  

LaborWorks has access to a wide range of qualified jobseekers. Some job seekers don’t have time to constantly search on job boards or other job hiring apps. Instead, they reach out to an agency like LaborWorks to help them find a job that best suits them. Skilled professionals can spot the jobseekers’ ability and align businesses with candidates that fit the organization’s core values. It’s known that one in every three jobseekers will change jobs within their first year. Hiring LaborWorks can help your chances of finding an employee that’s a good fit and dedicated to staying with your company.

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of staffing agencies like LaborWorks is that these companies have knowledge in the specific industry your business is looking to hire.  After all, we specialize in it! Most recruiters and talent seekers in any market are often knowledgeable of salaries that fit the criteria and role they’re hiring for, local market trends in that specific field, and if a candidate is qualified for the role.  As an employer, you’re allowing the professionals to take on the task of finding you a prepared candidate, and LaborWorks excels at this.  

Hiring new employees can be a very stressful and lengthy process. However, if your business partners with LaborWorks it will shorten the process and take more of that work off your plate. Remember, we are focused on one thing: finding the perfect candidate for your organization. If your business recruits in-house, it might slow down the workflow for other activities, and during the summer rush, this is the last thing your business has time for.

When using LaborWorks to find your next hire, you’ll see that we tend to have a long list of potential candidates. LaborWorks recruiters are efficient and often pull candidates from their existing database, referrals, job boards and community organizations to find the perfect fit for your job requirement.

When you partner with LaborWorks you will be matched with part-time, seasonal, and potentially permanent workers depending on your individual needs.  Contact LaborWorks today to find out about how you can get what you need in 2023.  LaborWorks is your partner in employment that truly does work for YOU. 

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