3 Reasons to Consider Seasonal Work


The holidays are upon us, and it seems like just yesterday we were writing about the benefits of seasonal staffing for employers.  But seasonal hiring is beneficial for employees too! That’s why we’re sharing part two of this topic—why workers should take advantage of seasonal work.


It’s a great time to try something new

Perhaps your current job is getting a little stale. Maybe you’re ready to reenter the job force, but are unsure where to start. Whatever your reason, working in a seasonal job gives you a unique opportunity to gain new skills and try work in new industries for a set amount of time. Plus, with the holidays opening a host of opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries, you can be sure that the right seasonal job is out there for you.


Earn a little extra jingle in your pocket

Who doesn’t want a little extra cash during the holidays? It’s simple—seasonal work means seasonal cash. As a bonus, seasonal work is often flexible and can vary by work time and day. For some workers, this flexibility allows them to keep an existing job and take on seasonal work to supplement their income. Doing so doesn’t just add a present or two under the tree or next to the menorah—it helps set them up for financial success for the year to come.


You have help

The final reason to consider seasonal work is because you have a partner that can help you get the right position for your skills, interests and needs—LaborWorks. We take the time to learn what you’re hoping to get from your seasonal position and place you in the right workplace for you. You don’t have to go it alone, filling out dozens of applications and waiting to hear back. Come to LaborWorks and let us do the hard work for you.


Consider seasonal work this holiday season. And while the word “holiday” may not conjure images of work, with an opportunity to learn something new, earn a little extra cash, and gain a partner like LaborWorks, it might just be the best present of the season.



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