A Culture of Safety – Every Day


The National Safety Council (NSC) and the American Staffing Association (ASA) recently released a fascinating case study entitled “A Case Study on the Shared Responsibility of Staffing Agencies and Host Employers for Temporary Worker Safety—Personal Protective Equipment and Injury Recordation”. The case study comes on the heels of a workplace accident and calls for strong collaboration between temporary staffing agencies (such as LaborWorks) and employers to ensure worker safety.

At LaborWorks, safety is always our #1 concern. Our goal is that every employee goes home safely to their families each day. That’s why we have implemented stringent safety requirements for the employers we work with and employees we hire. Here are a few ways we are committed to keeping our workers safe:

Employer Safety Screening

We do our homework. Before working with any employer, we make sure they have the proper conditions and procedures in place to keep employees safe, as well as protocols should an accident occur. This includes reaffirming that employers are in compliance with state regulations and OSHA workplace health, environmental, and safety programs.

We consider it our responsibility to do the research up front so that our workers can be confident that they’re being placed at a safety-focused jobsite.

Safety Training and Information

We provide formalized safety training and safety knowledge tests to all new employees to help them stay safe on the jobsite.


Personal Protective Equipment

LaborWorks provides all necessary personal protective equipment so both employers and employees can focus on the job at hand.


Knowledgeable, Safety-Focused Staff

We practice what we preach. In fact, our branch managers are required to complete OSHA compliance training, complete the ASA Certified Staffing Professional exam, attend weekly training sessions with workers, and investigate all worker accidents and injuries to identify better practices moving forward. Our entire staff always is willing and able to answer any safety questions from employers and employees.


We’re proud to say that we meet the recommendations outlined in the NSC and ASA’s recent case study. We strive to be the premier temporary staffing agency for both employers and employees, and safety is how we accomplish this each and every day.



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