New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers


The new year has arrived! With this fresh start comes countless opportunities to focus on your health and wellness, relationships with friends and family, and of course, the pursuit of a new job or career. If you find yourself in a rut at work, the new year is the perfect time to evaluate your goals and establish resolutions aimed at achieving your new vocational path.

Make a List

Chances are you have a list of potential jobs in the back of your mind—careers that you have considered for years or even just a month. Take a few minutes to write them down and put the list in a place you will see on a regular basis. This will keep your goals at the forefront as you continue searching for new opportunities.


Do Your Research

The careers you are interested in may require special education, work experience, or certification. Researching jobs on your list will help determine which ones you can immediately pursue versus those that will demand further schooling or additional skills.


Schedule Informational Interviews

If you would like to learn more about a specific job and its day-to-day responsibilities, schedule informational interviews with those who hold that position in businesses and organizations near you. These people will likely have a wealth of knowledge about their industry, enabling them to share their advice and provide insight you can’t find elsewhere.


Talk to Your Current Manager about New Opportunities

Perhaps growth opportunities do exist at your workplace, but they are not widely shared. Take initiative by sitting down with your manager to discuss ways in which you can expand your responsibilities and qualify for a raise. Assuming new tasks and projects will not only make you look like a team player, it will also sharpen skills that you can offer to new employers in the future.


Come to LaborWorks

LaborWorks is focused on finding you a position that fits your skills, experience and vocational goals. In short, we put a plan into action. Whether you’re ready to take the plunge and get matched with a new job, or simply build your skillset, LaborWorks will help you take that important (and often life-changing) step.

Happy New Year from LaborWorks!  

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