3 Resolutions Every Employer Should Make for 2017


Last month we provided a few New Year’s resolutions for job seekers. We’re keeping with the theme and sharing a few resolutions for employers! The New Year provides a great opportunity to reevaluate and make the coming year even better than the last. The following tips will help you maintain a positive, productive workplace and increase the efficiency of your temporary workers.

Understand your workplace’s weaknesses and opportunities

Are you currently dealing with bottlenecks? Are you short on labor? Do you need a more structured training program? Answering these questions and others before you start hiring will help you get the right quantity of temporary workers, as well as the right mix of skillsets. It may not be easy, but revisit what went wrong last year. Then set a plan to reverse those inefficiencies and errors.

Finally, bring that new direction to LaborWorks. We’ll provide you with the workforce you need to meet your challenges in 2017.


Seek continual culture improvement

If you had to boil it down, how would you describe your workplace culture? Is it one of safety? Teamwork? Care? Continually cultivating a positive culture has a four-fold benefit. First, it helps you keep the workers you have. Next, it attracts new workers. It also encourages workers to work harder and smarter. If they can take pride in their place of work, it encourages them to further the company’s mission and goals. Finally, it helps LaborWorks better match workers to your culture and needs, based on their skillsets and personalities. It’s a win-win-win-win!


Connect with LaborWorks

Maybe you’ve been working with us for years. Or perhaps this is your first visit to our site. In any case, now’s a great time to partner with LaborWorks. We’ll discuss your company’s goals and provide the staff you need to meet them. Let us be your partner this year and beyond.


We highly recommend setting these and other positive, goal-driven resolutions for 2017. Doing so will help you obtain quality workers and propel your company forward.

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