Temporary Staffing Offers Summertime Flexibility for Employers


With its warmer weather and longer days, summer offers employers more opportunities to get work done. Add temporary staffing into the mix, and summer can be the most productive, flexible season of the year. Here are three reasons why summer is the perfect time to pursue temporary staffing.

Increase and decrease staff as needed.

Do you have targets to meet? Beef up your staff with temporary workers to meet goals and stay on schedule. On the fence about taking on that extra project? With temporary staffing from LaborWorks, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that you’ll have the extra hands to get the job done.

Because we take care of all the details, such as Workers Compensation (L&I), payment, and safety equipment, all you need to worry about is your next awesome opportunity, project, or goal.

Take advantage of the weather.

As we mentioned before, if you’re going to get work done, summer is the time to do it. Add a temporary workforce to the additional daylight hours and warm weather, and outdoor-focused industries in particular can accomplish impressive amounts of work.

Compensate for vacation season.

Who doesn’t want to take a summer vacation? The ability to take time off from work is important for morale, but that doesn’t mean you should be left in the lurch. As you see those vacation requests trickle in, consider temporary workers to cover for your permanent staff. This will help your business stay nimble and productive without skipping a beat.

Summer is a prime time to hire temporary workers, as it can help set you up for success for months to come. LaborWorks can help you take advantage of all the opportunities temporary staffing has to offer so your business can achieve even your most ambitious summertime goals.

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