We Can Take You out to the Ballgame!


Spring is here and that means three things: April showers, May flowers, and baseball. It’s a time where fans and families grab their mitts, order their hot dogs, and take part in America’s National Pastime. By teaming up with LaborWorks, it’s possible that you could be employed at a baseball stadium and be part of this proud tradition!


Why are stadium jobs important?

The most important aspects of working at a stadium are offering a premier level of hospitality and creating a positive experience for all fans. Workers must be on top of their jobs every day, as baseball games are frequent. Without dedicated workers, it would be impossible to handle the volume and needs of thousands of people.


What types of jobs are available?

Stadium jobs are quite varied and can include janitorial services, set up and tear down, grounds maintenance, food service, general maintenance, and more. We do our best to place you in the right position for your skillset and interests.


What are the benefits of working in a stadium?

Working at a stadium, particularly for a baseball game, has several perks!

  • A smooth and successful baseball game requires dedicated workers to make it happen. This means that stadium workers are highly valued and their jobs are important.
  • Baseball games often start at night, so many people find stadium work to be a flexible way to earn extra income.
  • Stadium work is high energy and can be exciting!


What are my next steps?

Head to LaborWorks! We’ll let you know if there are baseball stadium jobs available in your area.


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