On the fence about temporary staffing? Let us help.


Sure, you’ve probably heard about temporary staffing. Perhaps your competitors or peers are taking advantage of this flexible form of staffing. Maybe you’ve heard all the benefits before. And after all this, you still find yourself debating about whether your business could benefit from temporary staffing. That’s why we’re giving you five reasons why now’s the time to finally make the leap to LaborWorks.

  1. Like you, we care about safety.
    We put this one first for a reason. Safety is our number one priority—always. That’s why we share the responsibility of safety and partner with you to ensure your temporary workers stay safe on the job. We even provide all necessary personal protection equipment so you (and they) can rest assured.
  1. Hiring is expensive… but temporary staffing isn’t.
    Think about all the costs that go into hiring a new worker—payroll, taxes, benefits, and other miscellaneous expenses. When you work with LaborWorks, you don’t have to worry about these processes and costs. We take on the time and risk. All you have to think about is how the extra labor will help your business thrive.
  1. Give workers a try without obligation.
    When it comes to finding the right person for the job, the ability to “try before your buy” is invaluable. When we place a worker at your business, you can learn about them and see if they fit into your company’s unique culture and team structure. If they do, great! If they don’t, you can let us know and we’ll quickly and easily find someone else who fits the bill.
  1. LaborWorks is quick, nimble, and connected.
    Do you have an unexpected project? A sudden loss of work force? A spike in customers? We can get workers to your jobsite fast. Because this is all we do, we can find, interview, process, and provide workers when you need them, where you need them.
  1. Temporary staffing is flexible and can work for any industry or business.
    Think temporary staffing won’t work for your industry or business? Think again. The skillsets of our workers are diverse and can support any team. Here are a few specific reasons why your business might benefit from temporary staffing:

    • Business picks up seasonally
    • Staffing needs ebb and flow
    • A large project comes up unexpectedly
    • You’re tight on time and/or human resources support
    • You haven’t been able to find the right worker

We hope this article has nudged you off the fence and towards LaborWorks. We look forward to helping you get the workers you need to meet your objectives and advance your business!

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