The Benefits of Temporary Workers


In today’s competitive global marketplace, the need for temporary workers is on the rise. This dynamic group of employees can maximize your workforce flexibility in times of seasonal work. Before creating a permanent position and a long-term commitment, you can try candidates out to see if they are a right fit your organization. Having a trial period can save you money as well. Research has shown that a single bad hire can set companies back by as much as $50,000. If hired for a permanent position, temporary employees already have experience in the office, which results in a shorter onboarding and assimilation process.

How do you find temporary talent? Laborworks will do the work for you. With our screening and selection process, we ensure your temporary talent has what it takes for the job. Many employers often end up hiring our workers into permanent positions when it’s a good match. We don’t even charge the employers! You can hire with no additional costs once the employee has worked 160 hours with your company. Consider each day of work as a working interview. Each day on the job is a new opportunity!

What are your thoughts? Are you hiring more temporary workers? Share in the comments!

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