Safety: Recording Temporary Worker Injuries


Laborworks’ number one concern is safety in the workplace. We provide a safety orientation program and ongoing classes that teach accident prevention and general safety rules. We also provide full Workers Compensation insurance on all the jobs in which we send employees. Many employers have questions about who is responsible for recording work-related injuries when temporary workers are involved.

In most cases, the host employer must record the injuries and illnesses of temporary workers. The employer controls the conditions displaying potential hazards and directs the worker’s activities around those hazards. Therefore, it is the host employer’s responsibility to record on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration 300 log. Information about injuries and illnesses should be regularly shared between the host employer and the staffing agency. With communication with our employers, Laborworks can focus on eliminating hazards and offering appropriate training to prevent future injuries.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration explains OSHA 300 recordkeeping for staffing agencies and businesses that hire temporary workers. You can download the document from OSHA’s website at

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