Temporary Staffing – Low Risk, High Return


Low risk, high reward opportunities are rare.  Believe it or not, temporary staffing is one of them. Attracting, training, and retaining quality workers is no small feat—and for many employers, a major challenge.  From interviews and paperwork, to training and benefits, a substantial amount of time and money goes into each and every hire.  Temporary staffing can ease the burden.  Here’s how.

Limited legwork

Staffing agencies—including Laborworks—are designed to save you time and money.  We bear the financial burden of recruiting, screening, and hiring workers.  Qualified temporary employees simply show up to your jobsite (within an hour) ready to work with the proper personal protective equipment.  It’s the ultimate in employer instant gratification.

Lack of red tape and expenses

When you use temporary staffing, you simply don’t have to worry about expensive, time-consuming elements.  We take care of everything including:

  • Workers’ Compensation (L&I)
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • State and federal payroll taxes
  • Unemployment insurance.

Specialized skills when you need them

Temporary staffing gives you access to uniquely skilled workers you may not need daily, but require sporadically or seasonally.  You’ll have highly skilled workers at your fingertips—or more accurately, at your jobsite, event, or office.

Temporary employees offer the flexibility, time and money saving you need.  It’s simple—low risk, high return.

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