3 Reasons to Consider Temporary Work in 2016


Happy New Year! It’s time to toast to a happier, healthier, more successful year. So while you make your resolutions to hit the gym, eat better, and break bad habits, consider a change in your work place as well. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider temporary work in 2016.


It allows you to explore new careers.

Is your job just not cutting it? Not feeling inspired or fulfilled? Maybe it’s time to try your hand at a new career or simply explore a different industry. Temporary work is perfect for trying something new. With input from you about your skills and interests, LaborWorks finds assignments that will challenge and give you the experience you need to pursue a fresh career. Employers often end up hiring our workers into permanent positions, so think of every day as an interview!



It provides you with a safe place to work.

Nothing—and we mean nothing—is more important than your safety. It truly is one of the cornerstones of LaborWorks, which is why we provide the following:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Formal safety training
  • Complete OSHA and ASA compliance
  • Jobsite safety inspections
  • Return-to-Work Program and modified work opportunities for injured workers
  • Full Worker’s Compensation benefits


If your current job isn’t keep you safe, it’s time to make a change. We can help with that.


You get paid.

This one is simple and needs little explanation. Whether you want to be paid the same day you work with a global cash card, or through direct deposit, you can be sure that you’ll get paid quickly and reliably. It’s our promise to you.


So if you’ve been debating about a starting a new career, need a safer job, or simply want to be more financially stable in 2016, consider LaborWorks. It could be your brightest New Year yet.

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