Temporary Staffing Doesn’t Have to Be Spooky!


o’ lanterns are on porches, black cats abound, and monsters are on the loose.
Yes, Halloween is here, and so are all things spooky. But don’t let the ghostly
mood overshadow the benefits of temporary staffing. This month, we’re going
take the mask off the myths of temporary staffing. Take a look at just a few of
these misconceptions below!

For Job Seekers

staffing agencies don’t care about growth or job satisfaction.”

true at LaborWorks! We’ll do our absolute best to place you in your desired
industry and/or and role. We always consider your skillsets and experience
before sending you to a jobsite.

“I won’t find a fulltime job.”

employers who work with LaborWorks to fill roles eventually hire our placement
for fulltime work. While we can’t guarantee this, we always encourage our
workers to show up on time, have a great attitude, be willing to learn and take
on additional responsibilities, and let management know that you’re interested
in going the distance.

“Placements only last a day or two.”

isn’t necessarily true! It’s completely dependent on the needs of the employer.
With seasonal fluctuations, vacations, and maternity or medical leave,
placement lengths can range from a few days, to a few weeks, to even longer.

For Employers

staffing agencies don’t vet the worker.”

the contrary! LaborWorks completes the application process and background
screening before ever sending them to your jobsite.

“I can’t permanently hire the worker.”

can! In fact, many of the individuals who come to LaborWorks for placement are
hoping to eventually receive a fulltime position. They show up ready to make it

“It’s too expensive to use a temporary
staffing firm.”

temporary staffing agencies do charge for their services. However, the average
direct cost for a new employee is a whopping $57,967.88 including basic wages,
benefits, and taxes—and that’s not counting recruiting and advertising costs
and background screening. Temporary staffing removes much of this cost and
burden… not to mention headaches and stress.

hope we’ve dispelled some of the common temporary staffing misconceptions so
you can finally take advantage of all LaborWorks has to offer.

Happy Halloween!

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