Plan your summer around new work opportunities


Do you have a summer work plan? Are you looking for new opportunities? Maybe you want a job that gets you outside. Or perhaps you’re home from college and looking to make some extra cash. In any case, summer is a great time to explore new opportunities. While LaborWorks places workers in nearly dozens of industries, summer is a particularly busy time for moving, construction, and flagging. Read on to learn about the benefits of working in these industries.



Summer is moving season. As the housing and rental market heats up, so will the demand for movers to box, pack, load, and unload possessions. Moving companies hire LaborWorks to help meet this growing need. If you want a job that will keep you active, there is perhaps no better option than being a mover.



Do you like working with your hands? Seeing a job well done? Using tools? Construction may be right up your alley. Construction workers are part of a goal-oriented team that works together to complete diverse projects. They have the opportunity to see tangible results from their hard work. Plus, it builds valuable skills and can lay the groundwork for great future opportunities. Finally, it gets you outside for some much needed post-winter Vitamin D!



Flaggers are the individuals stationed along roads and highways that help manage traffic through a construction zone. They control the flow of traffic and communicate with motorists with signage, hand signals, and traffic cones when lanes are shut down.


With urban and suburban growth in nearly all regions of the country, infrastructure and roads are ever growing and changing—and so is the need for flaggers to help manage them. Flaggers help make road construction more efficient, improve driving conditions, and most importantly, keep motorists and construction workers safe.


If you don’t have a plan for summer work yet, you still have time! Just head in to LaborWorks and inquire about these growing industries. This could be your best—and most profitable—summer yet.


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