Does your work situation need a little spring cleaning?


Are things feeling a little stale at work? Are you in between positions and looking for something new that gets you up and at ‘em? Spring is a great time to consider landscaping or warehouse work through LaborWorks!


Both industries allow workers to use their skills, get exercise, and of course, get paid! Here are more reasons to consider making the jump to LaborWorks and these industries.



After winter, there is no shortage of trees that need to be cut, bushes to be pruned, or lawns to be mowed. LaborWorks places workers like you in landscaping companies to do this important—and oftentimes, beautiful—work.


Landscaping is a rewarding task that has a clear “before and after” vibe. It also provides exercise and gets you outside during the spring and summer seasons. Not all jobs can boast these benefits!



Think of all the products that get moved into stores and shipped to homes and businesses every day. It’s astounding! These products must be stored, managed, and shipped, and this process requires hard-working individuals to ensure it all goes smoothly. That’s where you might come in!


Our region has hundreds of large- and small-scale warehouses and shipping centers, and LaborWorks places workers in many of these locations. Warehouse duties vary, and may include storing, moving, packaging, and shipping items. It’s often fast-paced, provides great exercise, and is perfect for individuals who like to move quickly and be efficient.


Visit your local LaborWorks branch to learn more about opportunities in these industries. We do our best to place workers in positions that best match their skillsets and interests. Perhaps springtime will bring you a new position in landscaping or warehousing!

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