Gain Independence with LaborWorks


Gain independence with LaborWorks


Freedom probably isn’t the word that comes to mind when you think of going to work. But with LaborWorks, it should be. We provide both workers and employers with a level of freedom not found anywhere else. Check it out:




Employer: We understand that your staffing needs ebb and flow. You may need to staff up during the summer or holiday seasons, and cut down when demand decreases. Perhaps you’ve gotten a big contract and need additional employees to impact your bottom line. In any case, we’ll get workers to your jobsite when and where you need them.


Worker: How about a job that lets you decide when you can work? Life gets busy and you need a job that works around your schedule. And to make things easier, you can let us know you’re available through our app!


Industry Diversity


Employer: We’ve been able to help hundreds of companies in dozens of industries. Our staff has extensive experience working across industries, which allows them to place the right workers at the right companies and jobs.


Worker: You’ve got experience and skills. We’ve got jobs across industries that will use and respect them.


Check out our website for the list of industries we serve!


Payment and Paperwork


Employer: We keep the process stress-free by paying workers the same day via a Rapid Pay Card, or via direct deposit. We also cover all employer burdens, such as Workers’ Compensation (L&I), Social Security, Medicare, state and federal payroll taxes, and unemployment insurance.


Worker: Fill out our application once and you’re ready to go to work. It’s that simple.