3 reasons why flexibility is key in temporary staffing


In this day and age, flexibility is a necessity for workers and employers alike. Each day brings new opportunities and challenges for businesses to be successful. Meanwhile, changing schedules and career goals affect the day-to-day lives of workers across the nation. This is where LaborWorks comes in, providing flexibility to employers and workers in three key ways…

1. Immediate solutions.

LaborWorks provides workers with job opportunities that fit their schedules and skills, and matches employers with qualified workers based on the position they are trying to fill. Workers and employers can contact LaborWorks the same day they desire to be matched with a job or temporary worker—providing an immediate solution.

Whether your employment needs are planned or arise unexpectedly, LaborWorks is here to help. Most of the time, we can get workers to a customer’s job site within an hour of receiving the order. With 13 field offices, an intuitive website and mobile app, and our long operating hours, LaborWorks offers many ways for workers and employers to access the information they need, when they need it.

2. Vast and qualified talent pool.

LaborWorks offers opportunities in a wide variety of industries such as landscaping, merchandising, construction, hospitality, recycling, moving and storage, and warehousing. If you’re an employer with openings in one of these trades, we have a large pool of qualified workers to fill your full-time, part-time, or seasonal jobs. Likewise, if you are a worker with experience in a particular industry, LaborWorks can connect you to jobs in that trade that fit your schedule and personal needs. 

3. Taking the burden.

LaborWorks offers even more flexibility by providing workers with same-day or weekly payment. This allows employees to depend on quick and reliable payment while employers focus on the job at hand. Not only that, but LaborWorks also covers all employer burdens including Social Security, Workers’ Compensation (L&I), state and federal payroll taxes, Medicare, and unemployment insurance. By freeing workers and employers from needing to worry about these details, they are given flexibility and time to focus on pursuing success.

Contact us to see the full extent of the flexibility LaborWorks affords its customers and workers!