3 reasons to love your new position at LaborWorks


So you’re a new worker at LaborWorks—welcome and congrats on taking advantage of all we have to offer! Whether you’ve been on the job for one day or one month, or one year, we are happy to have you… and so is your employer! We’ve compiled the following three reasons to remind you of what’s so great about working with LaborWorks.


  1. It’s flexible.

We know that life gets busy with responsibilities and obligations. That’s why we’ve set up a system that makes it easy to find work when it works for you. Just tell us when you’re available and we will find a job that matches your schedule.


You can walk in to one of our branches or visit us virtually with our IOS or Google Play app!


  1. You’re building valuable skills.

Have you been on one jobsite? Several? Either way, you’re building a diverse skill-set that helps you stand out from the crowd. Think of each job as another tool in your “job tool belt,” or another line on your resume.


One job may teach you about the food industry. Another might teach you to drive a forklift. Perhaps you’ll excel at construction. No matter where we send you,you’re getting paid and gaining valuable experience!


  1. You may find your career.

While we can’t guarantee it with every position, many of our employers seek to permanently hire the temporary employees we send them. With this in mind, show up every day with a great attitude, ready to work and willing to  learn. Every job is an opportunity!

Again, we welcome you to LaborWorks and we look forward to helping you succeed!