Receiving Feedback From Employees


Ask these four questions to learn about best practices, company culture, and your employees’ thoughts:
What are we doing when operating at our best? This question will reveal best practices. The answers you receive will also reveal the company’s culture. Know this it will allow you to leverage those best practices in your marketing material and when recruiting employees.
What are you hearing customers say about our business? The objective of this inquiry is to capture — directly from the front line — what customers or clients are saying.
If you were in my shoes and could make all the decisions, what would you do and why? Asking this question engages the employee and demonstrates that management cares about what they think. Second, it puts some responsibility on the employee to think more like a leader.
What is the “one essential thing” I need to know in order to make this business a success? This question gets to the heart of how your organization’s time, resources and initiative should be directed in order to prosper.

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