Prepare For The Season 2021


Fall is underway, and the winter holiday season is right around the corner! Companies want to be prepared for the influx of customers, and that means recruiting, hiring, and training seasonal and holiday workers to meet the demands of the upcoming season.  LaborWorks is positioned to help you prepare for your staffing needs so you can focus on bigger things.

This year, though, the pandemic has had a dramatic effect on seasonal hiring. With consumers spending more time shopping online and opting for home delivery and curbside pickup, many companies are experiencing an increased need for workers.

Even with a seasonal employee, you need to have a strong sense of the specific duties and responsibilities of the job you’re filling. If you’re working with LaborWorks, inform your contact of the time frame and key expectations, and make sure they are communicated to job candidates during the interview.  This sets everyone up for success from the start.  

It’s a worthwhile exercise to write a detailed job description before you bring the temporary worker on board, and go over it on the first day. Then stick with it, avoiding the temptation to give the seasonal employee whatever random assignment needs doing. One of the advantages is that in the event the contract position becomes full time, you’ll be able to accurately determine how well the person fulfilled the job. Seasonal employees often make great candidates for permanent placement.

Whether you’re burdened by time-consuming open enrollment periods or talent shortages, a little preparation can go a long way. Apply the strategy outlined above to find the best seasonal employees who can provide extra support when there is a temporary increase in workload, and take the load off you and the rest of your team.

When you contract with LaborWorks you will be matched with part-time, seasonal, and potentially permanent full-time job seekers in the industries you represent.  Are you ready to grow?  Connect with us today!