LaborWorks Spring into Work


March is upon us and we are met with the “new and fresh” feeling that comes with the arrival of Springtime.  Spring is a reminder of potential and change.  With our eyes on growth and positive change, we’d like to reflect on some Springtime strategies that can positively affect workplace culture, thus having a ripple effect on workers.  At LaborWorks, we aim to be the best at what we do.  We assign high value to our greatest assets: our people.  We know that alone is not enough, and operating with integrity and respecting and nurturing a teamwork-focused environment lends to our success.

As an employer, it is a mindful balance to create a culture and value set that employees want to be a part of without it seeming contrived, manufactured, or forced.  Just as spring brings new life to the natural world, it’s just the right time to liven up a company’s culture. With winter over, employees are longing for that feeling that comes from being part of a healthy and functional team.   

Workplaces that value social responsibility and community outreach are demonstrating a greater commitment to the community at large.  It can be an exercise in empowerment and a bonding experience for employees to share what organizations they are involved with outside of the workplace.  These organizations may have opportunities for workplaces to get involved in a number of different ways.  Giving back can bring people together and strengthen a team.  

Just like the seasons, company culture isn’t constant, and it requires course correction at times. It must be continuously renewed through genuine engagement, and employee-driven events and initiatives. While culture-building may seem all fun and games, it’s critical to instilling in team members a sense of community and belonging.  Asking for employee feedback in ways that are non-threatening is an excellent way to gain insight on your own company culture.  Employees may value time together volunteering over another pizza party.  Show you are listening by shifting the way you adjust plans based on what you learn.

So, “spring” into the season at your company: Spend springtime building a world-class work environment, and you’ll more than make up for these efforts in improved collaboration and productivity among your workforce.  How can LaborWorks help your workplace grow?  The time is right to find out.  Get in touch with us today!