Increase Work Productivity with More ZZZs


Are you drinking your second or third cup of coffee and it’s only noon? If you can’t keep your eyelids open at your workplace or you’re pinching yourself while in traffic, another hour of sleep might be the solution. According to a BBC study, more sleep benefits our bodies and brains (who would have thought).

If you are drowning in Post-It notes because you forget important details, your sleep schedule could be the cause, as stated in the BBC report. Give yourself enough time to fall into a deep sleep and the new information you receive every day is more likely to be retained. The report finds that sleep can also reduce stress levels. No matter where you work, deadlines and conditions naturally cause stress.

Is it even possible to get an extra hour to sleep? With work and at-home responsibilities, many believe there aren’t enough hours in the day. However, it is possible with a little time management. For the favorite TV shows you stay up for an extra half-hour to watch, save them into the DVR for the weekend. Prepare your breakfast at night for the next day to give yourself more time to sleep in the morning. Find the quickest way to work by trying different driving routes. With these tips you are well on your way to more ZZZs and better work productivity.

Click here to read the entire BBC study on the impact of sleep

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