Gratitude for Opportunities


In this current season of giving and thankfulness, the dedicated staff at LaborWorks would like to reflect on the gratitude associated with work.  We are honored to play a role in matching individuals with workplace gaps, and equally humbled when we take on the task of assisting a company fulfill their mission with the help of competent staffing.  

As an employer, even if the employees that are working for you are doing so in a temporary basis, it is important to build a foundation of trust and transparency.  Feedback shows people care. When others are invested in the success and future of another, they provide constructive criticism to help them improve. Be grateful to work in an environment where people care enough to speak up. Constructive criticism has hidden benefits, and although no one enjoys being criticized, it’s something to appreciate. With the right perspective, criticism can help professionals become more self-aware and determined to learn. Use every piece of feedback (positive or negative) to improve.  Employers can learn as much from employees when feedback is used both ways. 

The power of small wins can sometimes be overlooked in the world of work. When thinking about progress, many people fantasize about achieving a long-term goal or getting a big promotion. Although huge successes are great, they are few and far between. Focusing on minor milestones can significantly increase satisfaction in life and work. Small wins give the brain a boost in dopamine, a feel-good brain chemical linked with motivation. Concentrating on everyday accomplishments can help keep engagement high and in turn, build a company culture centered around compassion and people.

When searching for staffing for your event, jobsite, or seasonal needs, you can be sure that LaborWorks will find the best staffing for your needs, and handle all of the details associated with human resourcing.  You can spend your time running your business and let us handle the recruitment and supply of skilled labor.   Employees that choose to find opportunities with the assistance and guidance of LaborWorks are grateful to receive personalized and professional attention, which in turn creates a great launching point for future success in the workplace.

LaborWorks is an excellent resource for both job seekers and employers alike, as we make the necessary tasks of recruiting, screening, and hiring the best talent as smooth and easy as possible. If you’re in the market for a new job OR an employer in search of talent, reach out today!  As we encourage job seekers and staffing seekers to practice the act of gratitude, we at LaborWorks do the same.  We are grateful for the opportunities you provide, and it motivates us to continue to grow and cultivate the best results for you individualized needs.