Get lucky and find a great job today!


Finding a job can sometimes feel like it takes a lot of luck, but the truth is luck plays only a small role in job hunting. For instance, candidates tend to do better when they focus on quality rather than quantity when sending out applications. Here are some tips for upgrading your job search in 2022, particularly in the environment that exists due to the astounding number of post-COVID resignations.

Like most tasks, a plan is crucial.  It’ll help a stressful process seem less so, and allow you to feel like you are in control.  Whether you’re just starting your job search or have been looking for a new role for a while, it’s important to have a plan of action in place and to remind yourself of your goals. Be sure to consider all the tasks you’ll have to perform on a regular basis, including crafting or updating resumes, checking job boards and prepping for interviews.  When you work with the skilled staff at LaborWorks, you will partner with an employment expert, but the execution is yours to deliver.  

Employers want to hire workers who are detail oriented, so it’s only natural they’d be drawn to job candidates who focus on the details. From spell checking your resume and checking for typos to ensuring you show up to the interview early, paying attention to the little things can land you your dream job.  Typos on an application or resume may seem unrelated to some jobs, but employers need to know that you are someone who cares enough to pay attention and wants to present their best self.  

No one wants to hire a candidate who seems impartial about the position. If you want to boost your odds of landing your dream job this year, go into the search with the right attitude. A bright smile and enthusiastic attitude can go a long way toward showing you care and ensure you stand out from the other applicants.  

If you’re not using a staffing agency, you are likely missing out on some of the best jobs in your industry, and if you’re open to change, working with LaborWorks will help open doors to opportunities you may not have considered before. Companies like work hand in hand with job candidates to help them locate the best temporary, part-time and full-time opportunities. That means you won’t be expected to interview for jobs that don’t match your goals or skill set. Since companies trust LaborWorks to provide them with prepared and appropriate candidates, you have a better shot at finding work. To learn more about our placement and employment services, get in touch with us today.