Online & Offline Distractions at Work


In the next few minutes it takes to read this blog, you will probably check your phone, respond to a text, or glance at Facebook (maybe even all of the above). Distractions are everywhere these days, including the workplace. Not to mention off-screen you might get carried away with an employee’s conversation. If you are thinking, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” or “What did I really accomplish at work today?!” it’s time to set some distraction-free guidelines for your workplace. So put down the phone, close the other tabs on your computer and listen:

1. Schedule blocks of time to stay concentrated. Give yourself a few hours of self-discipline to work distraction-free then reward yourself with a break.
2. Turn off email and text alerts. Worried you’ll miss a family emergency? Set special ring tones for the wife, husband, or kids.
3. Let others know your schedule and availability. If you need to stay accountable for your new distraction-free workplace schedule a weekly check-in with another employee to go over your progress.
4. Get sleep, stay hydrated and bring healthy snacks to maintain focus and energy throughout the day.

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