Industries Hiring During the Coronavirus Outbreak


While many companies have taken a hit due to the unexpected coronavirus outbreak, there are several industries that have had a skyrocket in demand for more workers. As the situation continues to unfold, employers are looking to us to fill several new positions. That means more opportunities for you to work and get paid. We’ve rounded up a few of the common industries that are hiring right now. Take a look!

Shipping and Delivery

To keep stores stocked with essential goods, many companies are looking for Class A CDL drivers to ensure their supply chains flow smoothly. Delivery drivers are also needed as an increasing number of consumers are opting for online versus in-store shopping.



With many people flocking to stores to stock up on food, emergency and medicinal supplies, many retailers can’t keep up with the demand of keeping their shelves stocked and need additional warehouse workers around the clock.


Grocery and Convenience

Grocery, convenience, and drug stores are seeing a surge in business during the coronavirus pandemic. Many stores have already hired thousands of additional workers at stores and distribution centers and are looking to hire thousands more.


Commercial Cleaning

As business owners take additional precautions against the spread of COVID-19, many are deep-cleaning their businesses and implementing additional sanitation measures – especially those that qualify as “essential businesses” and remain open during the crisis.


There are many industries and companies that require extra help while our country navigates these troubled times. Download and check-in on our LaborWorks App (available via Google Play and the AppStore) and explore new opportunities today!


Please remember: Don’t sign up to work if you’re experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms or think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19. Let’s ALL do our part to help keep each other safe.