Why Choose LaborWorks in 2023?


Job seekers and employers have an advantage in partnering with LaborWorks to find work and find workers.  LaborWorks remains the industry’s premier staffing provider. With a customer service team that’s second to none, a quality workforce, and processes that lessen the burden of job seeking, you are three steps ahead when you choose to explore the world of work through a LaborWorks assignment, and you are guaranteed a successful experience when you utilize LaborWorks to fill your worker gaps.  

The employers that LaborWorks features often are able to hire workers for permanent positions when it’s a good match. They can hire a job seeker once you’ve worked with them for 320 hours, so consider each day a working interview. Every day on the job is a new opportunity to impress a potential long term employer!  Equally, every day with a temporary employee is an excellent day to determine long-term fit, and also what adjustments might be needed in the training process.  Temporary employment opportunities are a win for both! 

There are a lot of factors that go into finding work.  They can range from location, wage, scheduled hours, credentials, and many more.  Maybe the job seekers need work now; or maybe the job seeker has flexibility to take a few months to find a specific fit.  Regardless of the circumstances, skills are needed to be successful in the job market.  Even with no prior work history, the job seeker likely already possesses skills that can translate nicely into the workplace.  Today, we wanted to focus a bit on the skills that can help job seekers stand out in a crowd of job seekers, and the skills that benefit employers in ways that matter deeply.  These skills, that aren’t skills that come from a book or a college course, are known as soft skills.  

Soft skills are non-technical skills. They’re abilities that aren’t tied to a specific job or task. Instead, these general skills are transferable between employers and even between industries, and they help you accomplish a variety of tasks in the workplace.

Soft skills relate to how you work. Soft skills include interpersonal (people) skills, communication skills, listening skills, time management, and empathy, among others. Hiring managers typically look for job candidates with soft skills because they make someone more successful in the workplace. Someone can be excellent with technical, job-specific skills, but if they can’t manage their time or work within a team, they may not be successful in the workplace.

Soft skills are particularly crucial in customer-based jobs. These employees are in direct contact with customers. It takes several soft skills to be able to listen to a customer and provide that customer with helpful and polite service.  It is possible to be very successful in customer service positions with no college degree.  If your ability to relate to people, respond to their needs, and take pleasure in doing so, a customer service centered job in a workplace may be a very successful outcome for you.  If your industry is centered around customers, you definitely want to make sure you’re filling your gaps with people with the right skills. 

As job seekers have been working for a while, chances are there’s a catalog of developed soft skills. For example, if someone has worked in retail, this absolutely demonstrates working in a team environment. Anytime someone has helped unhappy customers find a resolution, the job seeker has used conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.  Communication and conflict resolution exist in every industry in nearly every possible scenario.  Having the wherewithal to navigate situations that could get tense with professionalism and confidence will get a job seeker noticed in all of the right ways. 

LaborWorks is proud to feature jobs in nearly every industry.  When you come to work at LaborWorks you will be matched with part-time, seasonal, and potentially permanent full-time jobs in these industries and more.  When you seek assistance from LaborWorks to find qualified and ready workers, you will get what you’re looking for and more.  Connect with us today!