We are serious about safety

Worker safety is a high priority. Serious about safety, we devote considerable resources to prevent and reduce accidents and injuries. We provide full workers’ compensation benefits to all of our workers and make periodic visits to job sites to ensure that our workers are following safe-work practices. When needed, we provide corrective action through skilled coaching.

Formal training. LaborWorks provides formalized safety training and safety-knowledge tests to all new employees. Additionally, we offer weekly and ongoing classes that teach accident prevention and general safety rules.

Unwavering protocols. Our branch managers have specific accident prevention and reduction protocols which require them to:

  • Complete OSHA compliance training courses with special emphasis on construction safety
  • Complete the ASA Certified Staffing Professional exam
  • Attend weekly safety training sessions with workers and debrief them for feedback about particular jobs and jobsites
  • Investigate all worker accidents and injuries with the goal of identifying and correcting hazardous working situations

Special requirements. Should your company require special safety precautions such as vaccinations, industry-specific safety equipment, or additional training, we can meet those specified requirements.

Jobsite safety inspections. We reaffirm customers are in compliance with state regulations and OSHA workplace health, environmental, and safety programs.