We have a rigorous staffing placement process

We make the right match. Recruiting the best possible employee match for the job descriptions is our primary objective for part-time, seasonal, full-time or permanent worker requirements. We will thoroughly screen your candidates to comply with our rigorous standards.

Integrity survey. We require an initial screening using the Integrity Survey created by American Tescor, the leading developer of pre-employment assessments, followed up with one-on-one interviews.

Skills matching. Qualified candidates may be further screened in order to determine the best possible job match for your company using Prove-It skills testing and reference/employment verifications.

Employment eligibility verification. We use the E-Verify system. LaborWorks implemented E-Verify in 2011 as part of our overall commitment to quality employee screening. All of our offices employees are fully trained to use E-Verify and are compliant with all record retention requirements.

Background checks. Upon request, we use LexisNexis or Personnel Profiles Employment Screening for our background checks.  We can customize the criteria of the background checks to fit your needs.  Whether it is criminal, driving, credit or other backgrounds.

Safety test. A 20-question safety test must be successfully completed before hiring.

We are an EOE employer. LaborWorks is an equal opportunity employer and adheres to all federal, state, and local regulations in our hiring processes.