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Increase Work Productivity with More ZZZs

Are you drinking your second or third cup of coffee and it’s only noon? If you can’t keep your eyelids open at your workplace or you’re pinching yourself while in traffic, another hour of sleep might be the solution. According to a BBC study, more sleep benefits our bodies and brains (who would have thought). […]

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How to Motivate Employees

Creating a culture that motivates employees can boost overall morale, productivity and cooperation, while decreasing turnover rates and dissatisfied workers. Schedule regular meetings where employees can voice their opinions and recommendations on how to improve working conditions, equipment, and production procedures. Employee participation can lead to a higher level of trust and a more positive […]

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The Benefits of Temporary Workers

In today’s competitive global marketplace, the need for temporary workers is on the rise. This dynamic group of employees can maximize your workforce flexibility in times of seasonal work. Before creating a permanent position and a long-term commitment, you can try candidates out to see if they are a right fit your organization. Having a […]

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Safety: Recording Temporary Worker Injuries

Laborworks’ number one concern is safety in the workplace. We provide a safety orientation program and ongoing classes that teach accident prevention and general safety rules. We also provide full Workers Compensation insurance on all the jobs in which we send employees. Many employers have questions about who is responsible for recording work-related injuries when […]

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